Mission:  Implement Trustworthy Nevada Elections

  • Enforce the current election law. Only U.S. Citizens have rights to register and vote in local, state and national elections.

  • Require proof of citizenship & domicile when registering to vote.

  • Verification of citizenship by linking Secretary of State voter rolls and Homeland Security secured data base.

  • Consider votes to be much more valuable than gold.

  • Prevent fraudulent voting by requiring valid IDs before voting.

  • Require law enforcement to detect, investigate and prosecute fraudulent registration and voting as a felony.

  • Implement chain-of-custody and audit records for manual and machine ballot processing.

  • Conduct background checks for financial fraud and misconduct on election employees, contractors and volunteers prior to each election cycle.

  • Ensure election security provisions meet federal computer system security criteria similar to banking regulations and procedures.


Propose amendments to state and federal statutes and regulations to:

  • Allow candidates for public office to independently verify ballot handling integrity procedures and have open access to audit selected sealed ballot records for up to 10% of precincts in their districts without fees or other charges.

  • Authorize District Attorneys to open county sealed election records at any time without having to obtain court orders to investigate suspected election fraud and system failures.


            Result:  NV Secretary of State opposed AB209 and Assembly Elections Committee Chair did not allow debate or a vote on AB209.

+  79th Legislative Session [2017] Text For:  Mar 2017 AB389


  • Legal Actions:

+  NV White Pine County "Election Contest" Citing Statute Authority For Court to Permit Comparing Ballot Records To Electronic Reports For A Few Contested Precincts In 2015 Republican Primary For Congressional District 4:
    - 1    00-11-2015 Original Draft Letter by White Pine County Republican Party Central Committee Requesting Court Action
    - 2-0 03-16-2016 Final Petition to NV 7th District Court
            - 2-1 Exhibit 1-Administrative
            - 2-2 Exhibit 2-Evidence
            - 2-3 Exhibit 3-References
    - 3    04-11-2016 District Attorney Signs Favorable Stipulation
    - 4    05-12-2016 Judge Gary D. Fairman Dismissal

+  Clark County Court Case A-16-739146-C by six (6) dissatisfied candidates for NV Assembly citing statute authority for contesting the Republican Primary Election by asserting their beliefs of possible election system malfunctions or fraud.

            -  0 Petition to 8th District Courts for 8 Election Contests      Eight Primary Candidates File Election Contests

            -  1 Emergency Writ of Mandamus for Case #71204     Election Fraud Case to be Heard by Nevada Supreme Court
            -  2  2016-09-27 Answer to Emergency Petition for Writ of Mandamus
            -  3  2016-10-11 Reply in Support of Writ      2016-10-11 Full Appendix to Reply in Support
            -  4  Election Fraud Case to be Heard by Nevada Supreme Court
            -  5  False Statements by Election Official Revealed in Supreme Court Case
            -  6  Unjust dismissal of Writ by NV Supreme Court

(EIC Approved: Rev. 5,  9/4/17)