Mission:  Nevada National Clean, Carbon-Free Energy Center


  • Promote construction of a public-private National Nuclear Recycling Plant near Yucca Mountain using the $40 Billion of accumulated state funds to both transport and initiate recycling and selling of the output fuel products to current and future nuclear plants with the profits/dividends from such sales being an estimated $2,500+ to be annually distributed to NV citizens in a similar way to the Alaskan Pipeline arrangement.


  • The revised plan could avoid wasting the billions currently proposed to expand Yucca Mountain into becoming a massive, million-year storage dump for otherwise reusable nuclear materials to be returned to the originating power plants.


  • Propose that when the Recycling Center is constructed and ready to begin accepting the spent fuel rods for recycling, follow an operating concept that returns the refurbished rods for use by originating nuclear power plants.  This way, only the very small (estimated less than 3% of the total material) quantities of unusable residue from the recycling processes will be stored for a relatively short time in the Yucca Mountain storage facility.  And, that residue will be available for retrieval and burned up by advanced nuclear reactors within a few decades.  No thousand-year or more storage plan will be needed at Yucca Mountain.

  • Advocate for establishing a Nevada Carbon-Free National Laboratory partnered with Nevada Universities to (a) conduct R&D to develop plans for advanced nuclear fuel cycles and to (b) assist U.S. industry to identify best practices for implementing fixed and mobile MicroGrids powered by advanced Small Modular Reactors and other Carbon-Free power generators.
  • Sponsor establishing a joint, public-private Carbon-Free Energy (CFE) Park on private and public land near Yucca Mountain to:

    (a) encourage industries to sponsor advanced CFE development,

    (b) with system manufacturing conveniently and safely located near the source of nuclear fuel supplies,

    (c) and selling leased power systems and lifetime support services.

    (d) Also, propose for the installation of a Carbon-Free Energy Power Production Farm of SMR-MicroGrids to sell Carbon-Free electricity over the Grid to Western states.

    (e) Support establishing a National R&D Center of Excellence for EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) defense and certification of systems effectiveness, and

    (f) sponsor expansion of the Joint Hawthorne Defense Depot to provide Grid-Critical War Readiness Spare Parts and Emergency Repair/Restoration of Grid Systems.
  • Promote citizen-focused, Energy Choice power production capabilities using MicroGrid-based CFE power systems that enable city, rural, arctic, mountainous, and desert areas to independently implement industrial, habitable, mine-able, and farm-able power systems featuring:

    (a) sealed against tampering,

    (b) emission-free,

    (c) walk-away-safe underground installations,

    (d) requiring no water for cooling, and

    (e) commercially manufactured in 100% safe production line facilities along the I-95 highway corridor in Nye County. 


We believe the above unique combination of elements could create a compelling vision for a common sense approach to negotiating use of the $40+ Billion of DOE funds to be wisely spent on unmet national energy needs to:

(a) use the large, unused desert areas on the former nuclear test site near Yucca Mountain for a nuclear materials recycling plant and eliminate the unrealistic and  unaffordable, million-year storage plan,

(b) help enable implementation of MicroGrids powered by Small Modular Reactors to produce abundant, affordable, assured, secure, independent, unrefueled and uninterruptible quantities of electricity for both inhabited and remote locations,

(c) propose implementation of a NV National R&D Lab for Nuclear Fuel Cycles and SMR-powered MicroGrids,

(d) advocate establishing a Carbon-Free Energy Park to upgrade Nevada’s economic future, and to

(e) support expansion of the Hawthorne, Nevada Defense Depot mission to host a National Grid EMP Center of Excellence and to become the Joint Depot for Resupply of unique, Grid War Readiness spare parts and emergency Grid restoration capabilities.

These actions could establish Nevada as the National Carbon-Free Energy Center with the potential for receiving a new federal mission for responding to global power losses due to earthquakes, weather disasters, EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) disasters, cyber war attacks and terrorism.